Studio A - 1269sqft Tracking room (27x47x18) adjacent 600sft control room features a Steinway B grand piano, and Masters of Maple drum kit. The 64 channel room is acoustically versatile and equipped with broadband gobos and broadband diffusion lending itself well to virtually any production style. Featuring 64 i/o Pro Tools Ultimate (previously known as HDX), PMC IB2S-A Monitors, and both large Augsburger and Tannoy Main Speakers. Recording and mixing with both API and Neve recording Equipment.

Control Room (16x18x12 )

64 ch Control Room:

Mobile Cart DAW with Grace m905 Monitor control

Pro Tools Current


UAD and more

Extensive Mic Pre's, EQ's and Dynamic hardware 

Augsburger Left and Right 18" subs

Tannoy DMT 215II Mains

PMC IB1s-AIII Midfield Speakers

Mobile cart Stacked Keyboard Cart with Juno 88 and Moog bass


24ch Recording Studio



Steinway B

DAW Mult from Control Room

Hearback System

broadband gobos / broadband diffusion

room partitioning via gobo



Small Computer room through hallway

Current model Mac Pro 6 core 32GB Ram

Guest Boot-disk Welcome!

Production Loft (17x14):

The included loft features a small refrigerator, an adjacent bathroom, UAD Apollo twin Duo for both headphones and speaker control.

Latest model iMac 4.2 w/40GB Ram, Pro Tools Current,  Native Instruments s61 or s88 Keyboard

(1) TD50 Drums


(1)Sony C800

(2)Avalon 737's

(1)Great River ME1-NV

(1)DBX 160a

(1)Fractal Axe-FX III

(1)Fractal Axe-FX II XL+





Source Connect, Phone Patch, Pro Tools and Logic also available.





'54 Strat, ‘62 Tele, '65 American P-Bass, ’73 American P-Bass, 2011 American deluxe J Bass, Nash Tele, Several Nash Guitars



'53 Super 400, ’63 Advanced Jumbo Acoustic, '73 J50,  D200 Custom , '57 Super 400, ‘59 Custom Shop, 2001 Standard, Billie Joe Jr., '59 JR, '57 Goldtop,  '01 Standard



’63 D28, ’82 HD-28

Schecter: Synyster Gates Custom, Jonny Christ Custom Bass


Music Man:



'64 Tremlolux, '64 Deluxe, ’72 Twin Deluxe Reverb, ’72 Bassman 100 and 2×12 cab, vintage Marshall Plexi and 1960a cab, Marshall JVM 2000, Hellwin, Bogner Uberschall, Bogner Shiva, Polytone, ’69 Ampeg B-15n, Ampeg B4 Pro, Ampeg vintage Tube SVT, ’84 USA Ampeg 8×10

Pedals: Wah, fuzz, distortion, time, pitch, modulation, bit-crush, and utility

(4) Fractle Axe FX XLPLUS

(1) Kemper Amp Profiler

(90) Misc Guitar pedals

**Guitar Tech available on request**


Steinway B Concert Grand 

**Piano Tech available on request**


• Moog Sub Phatty

• Roland Juno 88

• Novation Ultra Nova

• Roland V-Synth

• Kontact Komplete Ultimate

• Project Sam Suite

• Symphobia 2

• Stylus RMX


• SD3


Masters Of Maple 24x24, 16x18, 14x16, 12x14, 10x10

Mapex Orion drums 24x24, 16x16, 14x14, 12x12, 10x10

19 and 20 Vintage Zildjian A crash ride, K 17 Crash and 24 Ride, A Custom 14, 16, 19, 19, 20, 20 Crash, Zidjian Z Ride, Zildjain Ping Ride, Zindjain sweet Ride



Ludwig Superphonic hammered 6.5x14 bronze, Ludwig Black Beauty 5.5x14, Ludwig Black Beauty 3x13, Mapex Maple Orion 5.5x14, DW Custom Shop 6.5x12 and 7.5x10 Soprano

**Drum Tech Available on request**

Compressors, EQ & FX


Maselec MLA-2 Limiter and MEA-2 EQ


(4) Neve 2264's

(2) API 525's

(2) Allen Smart c2

(2) Maselec MLA-2

(2) Urie 1176 REV F (vintage and pristine)

(3) Emperical Labs Distressors

(2) Manley Vari-Mu with MS Mod

(2) Chandler Zener

(1) Tube-Tech CL1B

(1) DBX 160a

(2) Emperical Labs Derressers

(2) Daking Comp 500


(2) Masselec MEA-2 EQ

(2) Neve 1084’s

(4) Neve Shelfords (1073 eq & 2264 comp)

(2) Vintech x73

(2) API 550a

(4) API 550b

(8) Melcor GME 20 EQ's

(2) Daking pre/Eq/compressor chains

(1) Tube-Tech PE 1C

(2) Daking EQ 500

Outboard FX:

Lexicon PCM 81

Lexicon PCM 91

Fractal Audio AXE-FX III

Fractal Audio AXE FX XL Plus (2)

Ask about Guitar Backline for more creative pitch and time equipment


80 Microphones

(1) Telefunken ELAM 251e

(2) Telefunken C12's (pair)

(2) Telefunken ELAM 260's (pair)

(1) Telefunken u47

(1) Neumann U47

(1) Neumann U47 Fet

(1) Neumann m149

(4) Neumann U87′s

(4) Neumann UM-57’s

(1) Neumann TLM-170r

(1) Sony c800

(1) Sennheiser 416

(1) AEA R-84 (Mono Ribbon)

(1) AEA R-88 (Stereo Ribbon)

(1) Royer R-121

(5) Earthworks DM20

(2) Earthworks QTC50's

(3) Earthworks QTC25's

(2) Earthworks PM40's

(2) Earthworks DP30/C's

(6) AKG 451 with CK1 (-10,-15, -20 pads)

(2) AKG 414 buls

(8) Sennheiser 421's

(8) SM57's

(1) Beta 52

(1) Beta 91

(4) Beta 56’s

(6) SM7B's

(1) D112

(1) Audio Technical 4047mp

(1) Yamaha Subkick

(1) Shure Beta 58 Wireless

(1) Beyerdynamic mc 201

(2) Contact microphones (req 48v)


109 dB Distortion Free Reproduction (40Hz-24kHz)


Talent Monitoring:

(16) Hearback Pro Channels 

(6) Shure Wireless IEM Packs



Tannoy DMT 215 Dual Concentric 15's with Dual 15" Subs - Bryston Amplifier

Dual 18” Augsburger Subs (1200 Watts per side) and 96k 32 Bit DSP

Mid fields:

PMC IB1S-AIII (25hz-25kHz)


Near fields:

Chris Pelonis Model 42’s with single 42LF sub (79 dB Max Distortion Free Reproduction)

Monitor Controller:

Grace m905


The Control Room is treated, Bass Traps all around the floor, Dead Trap -->LiveDesign (front to Back) 


Also available on site:


Genelec 1029a's

Chris Pelonis  4288's with (2) Subs

Chris Pelonis model 42 w/sub

Computer Stuff


Mac Pro 6 core Xeon, 32GB Ram, OS 10.14.5, Pro Tools Ultimate Current, Melodyne, Kontact Komplete Ultimate, Omnisphere 2, Trillion, Stylus RMX, Arturia Suite, Superior Drummer, Full UAD suite and Octo card, Waves Horizon, Melodyne, Antares Auto Tune 8/Live, Sound Toys, Eventide Anthology XI, Lexicon Total, Arouser, Cedar DNS One, Fab Filter, Relab Suite. 

(2) DAW workstations in Control room / mirrored in studio**



• (2) Lynx Aurora (n) 32’s = 64 i/o

• (2) Lynx Hilo Mastering converters with Thunderbolt or USB (example...ideal for running your personal laptop / Logic rig into the system) = +4 i/o


Microphone Pre Amps

52 Channels

(2) Neve 1084’s (Vintage and Pristine)

(2) BAE 1023

(2) BAE 1073 MPF

(8) Shadow Hills Gamma 8 

(4) Neve Shelfords (1073 eq & 2264 comp)

(2) Vintech x73's

(2) Neve 511's

(16) API 512’s

(4) Neve 1272's

(2) Avalon Vt-737sp's

(2) Daking pre/Eq/compressor chains

(2) Great River ME-1NV's

(2) Peavey/Urie VMP2

(4) Dan Alaxander Ampex MX-10

(2) Chandler Germanium's

(2) AEA Ribbon Mic Pre's

(2) Daking Pre 500