Business to business Services

Two Production rooms - serving one customer at a time

Minimum fee 750

Email and Calls are screened

and responded to as soon as possible.



Yes - starting at 1250-1500/day

Film - Yes - Starting at 1250

Photography - Yes - Starting at 750

Regular schedules - Yes

Typical Hours - 11 to 5 


Engineer Available - Yes, not mandatory inclusion


Guest Boot Disk - Yes

Pro Tools v.current, Melodyne, Antares, Waves, All usual suspects

(16) Neve 1084/1073, (16) API 550a/b

Telefunken elam-251, c12, u47, Sony c800

Tubetech Cl-1b, vintage Urie 1176, Vari-Mu, Masselec, Distressor 



ADR - Yes

Audiobooks - Yes

Narrative - Yes

VO - Yes

Writing - Yes

Music Production - Yes

 Singer Songwriter demos - Yes

Piano - Yes - 1936 Steinway B listen to it here

Video - minimum 750 per session

Programing - Yes, > 750

Automated Playback Systems - Yes, <6k

Overdubs - Yes

Pro Tools - Yes

Ableton - Yes

Logic - Yes

Melodyne - Yes

Fractal - Yes

Complicated Midi programing - Yes - I can do anything

Procurement / Consultant - Yes 

Mixing - Maybe, please send in a rough mix

Child Talent - Excellent with kids and parents

Can you recommend any online resources for me or my kid?







Common Questions:

Special rates for talent - Nope

Free Services - Nope

Free Tours - Nope

How much does it cost to make a song?

Probably 1250-25000

On rare occasions 500 but please consider your expectations and abilities


Do you produce audiobooks?

Sometimes, please email me your manuscript and a good time to call you. It's going to be over 2500

Can you edit the audiobook I recorded myself?

No, Thanks. 

How much should all this cost?

Are your expectations and budget relative to each other?

Can you make me sound like so and so?

Not exactly; whatever you're referring to is likely a collaborative effort between individuals who didn't include you.

Do I have to pay in advance or can I pay when I'm good and ready?

We'll be happy to help you as soon as you pay, or provide a PO

Questions that typically go unanswered:

Can you make me famous?

That's not in my wheelhouse


Can I spend time with you on the phone or can I take a tour?

Wish I could but we're busy paying a lot of attention to a small group of people who've already paid for that time.


How can I break into the industry or get an internship?

That's a great question - check out the resources above

 Can you introduce me to someone famous? Have you worked with anyone famous?  You'll be famous if you produce me!

We will block you