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A Very Special Piano - Vintage Steinway B

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This blog is incomplete...but I will complete it this week!

My dear friend and #piano technician Robert Anderson (*his website is down and I'll update this to include a link and more information on the topic) presented the opportunity of a lifetime when it comes to pianos...the opportunity to purchase the Steinway B Concert Grand Piano ordered by NBC Studios from Steinway New York to be built and delivered in 1936.

Vintage Steinway

To those who treasure them, and can afford the space, a #Steinway B (7'), D (9'), L or O (just under 6') from 1925 - 1938, shipped new to California's well balanced weather or even better to a controlled environment like a studio where the humidity and professional maintenance is consistent - is a treasure.

Steinway vs. Steinwas

The difference:

  • Original Soundboard - Steinway are picky about materials and age the wood.

  • Steinway parts vs. Renner (which are excellent but are not Steinway)

  • Pride of ownership and that familiar unparalleled resonant sound

  • The way the damper felt stops the note ever so perfectly vs. the crisp (or perhaps abrupt depending on your taste) stop of a Yamaha, or the imperfect fit of an aftermarket part at a third of the cost.

  • Steinway action - there's nothing like it.

If it's not all Steinway - it may have been a Steinway at one time, but it no longer is a Steinway.

In 2014 I met with Daniel Blackmer, Co-Founder of Earthworks Audio. I was intrigued by his PM40 microphone system. I'll include the video here and in my next blog I'll discuss pianos and their relationship with microphones in more detail there. Dan does a great job describing his feelings and thoughts about the piano and microphones.

Written by Nick Fainbarg without the use of AI in 2023 - Copywrite September 2023

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